About us

Decoded was founded in 2012 on the belief that technology is for everyone.

Through the intelligent, ethical and creative application of technology we are laying the foundations for a more productive and more promising world – one with unlimited possibilities.

Decoded’s products are designed to create immediate impact and transform our clients' businesses into the most data-driven in their industry. Our learning products focus on two core areas of behaviour change: skillset and mindset. Our skillset product is built to help our clients grow their own world-class, data-enabled professionals. Our mindset product is designed to create a new raft of data-literate, digitally confident leaders. In combination, our products empower leaders and managers to strategically adopt and make decisions about new technologies, whilst enabling key talent to become equipped with the must-have skills in data.

We are passionate about technology and giving people the tools they need to thrive, and our talented and diverse team from around the world all share a deep passion for creating a world where everyone can participate and drive innovation.  

If this sounds like you, we can't wait to hear from you.