Technology Educator [Spanish Speaking]

Job description

Technology is changing the world - whether through applying an Open Source mindset to business innovation, or through the application of machine learning and data to automate and disrupt entire industries. We work with leading businesses to empower their leaders and employees to adapt and embrace change, rather than hide from it.

Our products are educational experiences demystifying technology for non-technical audiences. We are looking for a full-time or freelance Technology Educator whose biggest strength is clearly communicating technology and difficult-to-understand concepts to a non-technical audience, in-person, and digitally. Curious about our style of teaching? Check our Head of Product, Amadeus Stevenson, Demystify the Digital World to get a taste of how we do, what we do. We are a diverse team of enthusiastic and passionate technologists with a range of backgrounds spanning the sciences, humanities, and a variety of industries. We embrace the uniqueness of our team members.


You are an energetic, enthusiastic, highly adaptive individual with a gift for communication, hacking together solutions and embraces learning new things. You’re self-motivated and take initiative within a small tight-knit team.

You enjoy traveling the world and are fluent in Spanish and English.

You are eligible to work in the United States, or you are a citizen of an eligible country (ask us about sponsoring your visa).


Key responsibilities include:

  • Expertly delivering Decoded and bespoke course content to clients: Data, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • Refining existing products through review of pedagogy, content and delivery

  • Engaging with the tech world and passing that knowledge on to the rest of the team

  • Identifying, pitching and speaking at leading industry events

  • Additional product-related tasks as needed

You are:

  • A high-achiever with relevant work experience (you can count a PhD as work)

  • You are fluent in Spanish

  • An excellent and charismatic communicator, who is comfortable in front of senior leaders

  • Unfazed by the challenge of learning new programming languages, data analysis techniques and hardware platforms

  • Hyper-organized and reliable

  • A natural team player

  • Passionate about technology

  • Excited by solving business problems, big and small

  • A proactive self-starter who likes nothing better than getting things done

Right now, you are itching to:

  • Develop your business acumen

  • Unleash your creativity on the technology world

  • Quickly take on lots of responsibility

  • Collaborate with brilliantly smart and charismatic people

A career at Decoded is probably up your street if you:

  • Have also thought about working at a tech company, a consultancy or a startup

  • Are ready to jump in at the deep-end

  • Enjoy traveling