Product Developer – Data Science

Job description


We are Decoded and we make technology education human. We help some of the largest and most technologically progressive organizations in the world up-skill and inspire their employees through training programs and workshops. We democratize cutting-edge data skills, help transform traditional businesses into tech companies, and give our learners the skills and confidence to embrace the future of work.

We believe in promoting the intelligent, ethical and creative application of technology to lay the foundations for a more productive and promising world.


Decoded is looking for a Product Developer - Data Science to join our US Product Team. This is a unique role blending subject matter expertise, instructional design, content creation and teaching. You will be responsible for delivering and creating world-class educational content on the latest data science techniques with opportunities to travel across the globe.

The two products you will be working on are our Digital Leadership Mindsets and Data Academy.

Our Digital Leadership Mindsets demystify the world of Data by engaging leaders in half day sessions around Artificial Intelligence, Data Ethics and Data Driven Decisions. Through storytelling, we break down the origins of these topics from a human perspective, while building up literacy around terminology and how those techniques apply to the business world.

The Data Academy is our global accelerated technical skills development program, focusing on modern data science and machine learning as well as traditional data analytics. Content covered includes various feature engineering techniques, classical as well as deep machine learning algorithms, implementation in Python and R, and elements of SQL and NoSQL frameworks. You will develop and deliver content to learners to help them understand and apply data science techniques to real-world problems, in a business context. 

We provide formal teaching training, best practice in andragogy (adult education) and support continuous learning of the latest data science techniques with our stellar staff of technologists and educators.


As a Product Developer - Data Science, you’re accountable for:

  • Creating world-class educational content for professionals, following best practice from our learning experience design team and engaging learners through a human lens
  • Delivering outstanding workshops
  • Learning and helping others to learn


1. Teaching Decoded workshops:

  • Delivering excellent workshops to Decoded learners
  • Focus on enhancing skills as a Digital Leadership and Data Academy facilitator
  • Maintain a healthy balance of external delivery to internal work

2. Curriculum development of Decoded workshops and content:

  • Module ownership of Digital Leadership and Data Academy content
  • Stay up-to-date with new technology and best practices through project work
  • Integrating cutting-edge industry-relevant data science practices
  • Development on other Decoded material where necessary
  • Focus on enhancing skills as a curriculum developer and learning designer

3. Assisting in the hiring and training of internal and external teachers:

  • Assisting with the hiring of Decoded teachers
  • Assisting with the delivery of Decoded teacher training



Our Product Developers are a community of data science education enthusiasts. Our learners love their blend of science and humanity, combining technical expertise and a passion for education.

Our Product Developers have backgrounds ranging from Theoretical Physics to Clinical Psychology to Zoology with experience ranging from secondary school teaching to PhD-level research to data analytics. They have applied their skills within academic and business settings, and whatever their background, they are all:

  • High-achievers with 3-5 years of work experience (you can count postgraduate education as work)
  • Excellent and engaging communicators
  • Unfazed by the challenge of learning new programming languages and data analysis techniques
  • Passionate about data and technology
  • Experienced coding in a high-level language such as Python or R
  • Excited by helping people solve their own business problems, big and small
  • Self-motivated and take initiative within a small tight-knit team who likes nothing better than getting things done


  • Competitive and flexible time off 
  • Comprehensive medical and dental insurance
  • Flexible work from home and remote working
  • Casual dress every day
  • Cutting-edge software and kit, always
  • Having open conversations with business leaders about technology