Product Developer - Creative Technologist (Full-Time)

Job description

We are looking for a Creative Technologist whose biggest strength is communicating technology and difficult-to-understand concepts to a non-technical audience, in-person, and digitally. You are an energetic, enthusiastic individual with a gift for communication and development.

You may be self-taught or you may have a formal education. You may have experience of tutoring, lecturing or teaching and have a passion for breaking down complex concepts for a non-technical audience.

As a Product Developer for our coding, cyber security, innovation and data workshops at Decoded, you will work with learners, educators, programmers, designers and customer relationship teams to produce best-in-class classroom and digital learning experiences.

Specifically, you will work on:

prototyping and developing learning content;

preparing and delivering workshops;

using code to create digital learning tools;

improving the learner experience;

refining existing products through review of pedagogy, content and delivery;

engaging with the tech world and passing that knowledge on to the rest of the team.

You will work in small, cross-functional teams to solve problems identified and prioritised by the business.

Decoded is growing rapidly and changing all the time. Whatever you start with in your first quarter, it is likely that you will work on a combination of face-to-face learning products and digital tools over time.

You will have opportunities to teach and travel to Decoded customers across the world.


- A high-achiever with 3+ years of work experience

- Development experience in React

- An excellent communicator

- Passionate about technology and education

- Excited by helping people understand the digital world

- You’re self-motivated and take initiative within a small tight-knit team who likes nothing better than getting things done