Data Mentor

Job description


We are Decoded, the pioneers of transformative technology education. We democratise cutting edge skills. We help transform traditional businesses into tech companies. We give our learners the skills and confidence to embrace the future of work.

Our products and methodologies have been shaped through our collaboration with some of the largest and most technologically progressive organisations in the world. We use the intelligent, ethical and creative application of technology to lay the foundations for a more productive and promising world – one with unlimited possibilities.


Decoded is looking for a Data Mentor to join our Teaching Team. You will be responsible for supporting a group of learners through the Data Academy by providing first-class coaching, mentoring and teaching that meets their aspirations and objectives. Our Data Academy delivers a government-funded Level 4 Data Analyst apprenticeship qualification to our learners, and requires us to evidence learning and applicability of the learning to their jobs, to the regulators (Ofsted, ESFA).

Our accelerated technical skills development focuses on modern data science and machine learning. Content covered includes various feature engineering techniques, classical as well as deep machine learning algorithms and the Hadoop framework for the efficient handling of big data.

You will facilitate 1-on-1 sessions with learners during which you will help them apply machine learning techniques to their day-to-day job, simplify complex data concepts, assist with potential programming issues, give feedback on projects, review their progress, and help them to plan the coming weeks. You may also teach in-person 2-3 hour workshops to larger audiences throughout the course, depending on your areas of expertise.


As a Data Mentor at Decoded, you’re ultimately accountable for:

Successfully mentoring Data Fellows through the 18-month Data Academy programme

Enabling and empowering learners so they can produce high-quality work, and develop as lifelong learners as well as employees

Evidencing the knowledge, skills and behaviour they acquire as part of our obligations as a government regulated entity through Ofsted and ESFA

Providing regular learner metrics to comply with Decoded’s administrative requirements



  • Support learners with effective time and stress management methodologies

  • Model and share best practice to adapting to learning a new discipline

  • Offer emotional support when responding to personal challenges learners face during the programme

Learner engagement   

  • Hold one-to-one learning and development sessions with each learner of your cohort on a fortnightly basis

  • Respond to emails and messages within a timely manner

  • Troubleshooting with Programme Managers to improve learner engagement


  • Take our theoretical course content and tailor it for each individual learner that you are supporting through individual learning and development sessions

  • Support your learner to complete all of Decoded’s Data Academy training material and assessment tasks in a timely manner

  • Help learners with programming issues

  • Help learners to apply and develop their learning at work

  • Supporting the facilitation of Data Academy workshops once or twice a month as required, to offer technical support to learners as they learn new content


  • Upholding the highest standards of compliance administration, specifically by requesting and marking evidence from learners on the knowledge, skills and behaviours they are acquiring throughout the programme

  • Keeping learners’ weekly trackers up to date detailing metrics on calls, projects and journals to provide visibility of engagement across the Decoded team

Project support

  • Providing timely, detailed and specific feedback on learner’s projects at the end of each module as part of their assessment

  • Offering guidance and support to learners about their project work using Decoded’s

End Point Assessment

  • Support learners in their exam preparation and in completing their final piece of project work (portfolio)

  • Effectively support learners through End Point Assessment (EPA) - minimum 90% of learners to go through EPA



Your performance will be measured by and driven by a mindset built on:

  • Problem solving using Python
  • Striving for excellence in everything you do. You don’t accept mediocrity in yourself or the team around you
  • Building brilliant, collaborative and productive relationships with colleagues and partners alike
  • Solving problems elegantly and creatively: “find a way or make a way”
  • Taking accountability for your own success, and the success of others
  • Guiding first, directing later
  • Being non-judgemental
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Meeting learners where they are at, not where we expect them to be


Our Data Mentors are a community of data science education enthusiasts. Our learners love their blend of science and humanity, combining technical expertise and a passion for education.

Our mentors have backgrounds ranging from Theoretical Physics to Clinical Psychology to Zoology with experience ranging from secondary school teaching to PhD-level research to data analytics. They have developed models across machine learning techniques within academic and business settings, and whatever their background, they are all:

  • Obsessed with learning and teaching
  • High quality communicators, verbally and in writing
  • Excited by the frontiers of data science and machine learning
  • Problem solvers who work with Python
  • Empathetic
  • Highly organised and motivated
  • Passionate about transforming the skills of their learners


This role will be reporting into Decoded's Head of Delivery.


You will be based in our London office. You will work from 9am to 6pm either full time five days a week, or part time for a minimum of four days a week.

You will be in control and responsible for your time. You plan your working day around the best outcomes for success, identifying and prioritising projects against business need.


All team members gain full exposure to Decoded learning programmes. So when it comes to future-proofing your CV, you couldn’t be better placed. In just a few months at Decoded you’ll become fluent in digital technologies and innovation, and you’ll continue to refresh and refine this knowledge for the duration of your career here.

Beyond that, we run a dedicated learning calendar to hone craft skills in leadership, management, strategy and other relevant disciplines.

Quarterly reviews embedded within our culture of feedback will ensure you are recognised and rewarded for the value that you bring to Decoded.


Apart from the above, working at Decoded means you’ll get:

  • A competitive salary

  • Company pension with matched contributions

  • 28 days’ holiday per year (inclusive of the 8 bank holidays). We also close for two full weeks at Christmas

  • The opportunity to join a high growth company

  • A work environment that values creativity, personal growth and collaboration

  • Continuous learning and development: you will be challenged with lots of responsibility and exciting projects in an environment that encourages learning

  • Flexible working and working from home when you need to

  • Private health insurance

  • Travel insurance

  • Cutting edge software and kit, always