Account Director

Job description

This job spec details the Account Director role at Decoded in London. It’s been put together both for existing Decoded team members and for those people thinking about joining Decoded.


In the London office, the Account Management function sits within the Commercial Team, alongside New Business and Marketing. Account Directors report directly into the Managing Partner who oversees the Commercial Team.


An Account Director’s day will be a mix of internal and external meetings, managing the Decoded team around them and and head-down work.

It will involve regular travel to clients, both in the UK and internationally (Decoded’s London office is the hub for clients across Europe, the Middle East and Africa).

The typical Decoded working week is 09:00 – 18:00, Monday to Friday. When we talk about working late, we mean working until 18:30 – it’s important to us that your evenings and weekends are always yours.  


Account Directors gain full exposure to Decoded learning programmes. So when it comes to future-proofing your CV, you couldn’t be better placed. In just a few months at Decoded you’ll gain cutting-edge data skills and become fluent in digital technologies and innovation, and you’ll continue to refresh and refine this knowledge for the duration of your career here.

Beyond that, we run a dedicated learning calendar to hone craft skills in client servicing, presentation & storytelling, management, sales and other relevant disciplines.

Quarterly reviews embedded within our culture of feedback will ensure you progress swiftly in your role at Decoded. While there’s a relatively flat hierarchy in the business, you should expect to be growing your level of responsibility on an ongoing basis and pushing for promotions in line with improving performance.



As an Account Director at Decoded, you’re ultimately accountable for three things:

  • The success of Decoded programmes within your portfolio of clients

  • Orchestrating, managing and empowering other Decoded teams to flawlessly deliver Decoded programmes for your portfolio of clients

  • Growing revenue from your portfolio of clients

(You won’t be directly be accountable for things like developing / delivering content for Decoded learning experiences; operationalising Decoded learning programmes; sales with brand new Decoded clients)


We don’t prescribe how to fulfil the above accountabilities. Above all, your performance will be driven by a mindset built on:

  • Fearlessly leading people and building brilliant and productive relationships with colleagues, clients and partners alike

  • Solving problems elegantly and creatively: “find a way or make a way”

  • Taking accountability for your own success, and the success of others

Beyond this mindset, below are some specific skills and behaviours which you should expect to demonstrate on an ongoing basis:

  • The strategic success of Decoded programmes within your portfolio of clients

To deliver against this accountability, you’ll be:

  • Identifying and cultivating large-scale opportunities and briefs from senior, decision-making clients to tackle their organisation’s strategic challenges

  • Guiding clients through Decoded products, how they work and how they can help their organisation meet their strategic challenges. This means knowing Decoded’s products and programmes  inside-out, back-to-front – not just the content, but the impact which programmes can make when they’re successfully embedded within our clients worlds

  • Demonstrating your personal credibility by giving counsel to clients through your knowledge of their industry. For example, how is data-analytics shaping the future of retail? How are APIs disrupting the finance industry?

  • Articulating and bringing to life how Decoded’s products and programmes will deliver against your clients’ strategic challenges. This will be in person (in meetings before and during programmes), and in writing (in proposals before programmes, in impact reports during programmes)

  • Orchestrating, managing and empowering other Decoded teams to flawlessly deliver Decoded programmes for your portfolio of clients

To deliver against this accountability, you’ll be:

  • Identifying the right resource for the right challenge: who do you need to bring together to work on any given project?

  • Briefing and energising teams to deliver: ensuring your colleagues and partners (e.g. Corndel) are comprehensively briefed and motivated to make things happen on time and to a 10/10 quality

  • Chaperoning Decoded teams through the delivery process, supporting them and holding them to account. This means systematically checking in on delivery of Decoded programmes to ensure they’re being flawlessly operationalised, and on track to deliver vs strategic goals

  • Chaperoning the client and their team through the delivery process. This means systematically checking in on delivery and garnering regular feedback from clients, and turning that feedback into action internally when necessary  

  • Stepping in and mopping up when needed to keep programme delivery on track, and escalating any issues to Decoded Management as required

  • Ensuring all commercial and legal documentation is in place for Decoded to work with your clients

  • Growing revenue from your portfolio of clients

To deliver against this accountability, you’ll be:

  • Building brilliant relationships with individual decision-making clients with a view to retaining and growing revenue from them

  • Networking within your clients’ organisations to establish new buying relationships with other decision-makers, and identifying strategic opportunities to launch Decoded programmes

  • Creating proposals (see above) to convert new opportunities  

  • Marketing Decoded’s programmes within your clients’ organisations to acquire learners – where relevant, enlisting the support of the Decoded marketing to do so


Apart from the above, working at Decoded means you’ll get:

  • Cutting edge software and kit, always

  • Twenty days’ holiday per year, plus extended office closure at Christmas

  • Flexible working and working from home when you need to

  • Private health and travel insurance through Vitality

  • Company pension